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ABOUT órama

órama stands for vision

ORAMA PHARMACEUTICALS consists of professionals with extended experience on exporting activities in the pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical (FMCG/CHC) sector.

órama is the greek word for vision. ORAMA PHARMACEUTICALS is focused on bringing the Visions of its partners for their company's growth to life.


ORAMA PHARMACEUTICALS has a consistent history on product development, marketing and exporting. Our business executives have a long experience on the Greek pharma-related market since 1998 and on exports since 2012.

What can órama offer to you and your company?

We have strong connections with distributors of finished products located all around the world.

  • We review your portfolio & distinguish the exporting potential

  • We contact our partners & create new exporting opportunities for your company

  • We ensure to create long-lasting contracts for the marketing of your products

  • We review the exporting process and assist on meeting the sales as agreed on the contract

The services are offered till the expiration of the contract. Renewal can be arranged upon request.

Our services on initial consultation & review services are currently offered for FREE.

órama Qualifications

  • 10+ years of experience in exporting activities.

  • Extensive list of partners in over 25 countries.

  • Managing pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics & food supplements

  • Regulatory affairs mediation available where needed.

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